Monday, August 16, 2010

Tour of Utah 0.0: The Prelude to the Preface to the Prologue

Ok -- before I can start this Tour of Utah blogging in earnest, I have some housekeeping to do. Thus:

I forgot to tell you about Cougar Mt. Hillclimb! 

So the Cougar Mt. Hill Climb happened two weeks ago, see? And so I says to myself, I says "Sam, you're about to go race the Tour of Utah, see? And that has some nifty little climbs in it apparently, so you might as well go out there and see how you go up this nifty little hill nearby called Cougar Mountain." So I transform my bike into a hill climbing mega-machine, see? I pull out all the stops -- I remove my lights, and take of my bottle cages. I remove my shifters and brakes and derailleurs and everything, and turn my bike into a fixed-gear, single-speed, 13lb. climbing monstrosity! BEHOLD MY WORK OF WONDER!!!!!

click on this next one for carbon overdose:
Sadly, I'm full of shit. All truth be told, this isn't my machine -- although I wish it were. If it WERE my machine, instead of my trusty old Ridley (back from retirement for another glorious run while my Blue AC1 waits for me in Utah), I'm sure I would have gone five-minutes faster than I did. However, I was pleased with my time -- but not as pleased as I was with the time of my client Davis Shepherd (remember, Krogg coach now). Davis absolutely crushed the previous record by over 30 seconds, and yours truly by 43 seconds. Uphill time trial machine of not, Davis is one ungodly-fast guy when the road starts pointing up. 


So Krogg have bone to pick with LWV Circuit Race #2. As everybody in the goddam northwest cycling scene is fond of reminding me, Krogg failed to register for race two freeking years ago, and then go on to win, and then go on to get disqualified for not registering. SO. Krogg decide to register this time. Again, Krogg attack early and spend whole day off front. Krogg have good company: Krogg good friend and team mate Colin Gibson, Galen from KR, and TH from HSP. YAY! Krogg very agressive in beginning, and race come down to 3-man sprint for finish. Here how things finish: 

Oops -- wait -- that not right.....HERE how things finish: 

Krogg hat is off to Galen for winning race (Galen race best of day by far -- deserve win!), TH for shredding caveman legs many times up hill, and Colin Gibson for hanging on for 4th place! GO GIBSON!

This finish mark 10th time Krogg finish in second-place this year (and third in last three weeks!) GO KROGG!

Boris the Moped Might Have to GO.....

I'm selling Boris, my beloved moped. Boris, you taught me so much about how a two-stroke motor works (not enough to actually make you run well without stalling, but still...). You never quite got me to Aspen, but you got me to the QFC (and back!), and that's good enough for me. Boris my love, I fare thee well. 

If anyone's looking for a moped -- let me know. 

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Andrew said...

Is that photographic evidence of Lang's ill-fated endeavor into fixed-gear power tap hubs?

In other news, swing the battle ax right into Levi's face at Tour of Utah.