Friday, August 20, 2010

Tour of Utah 4.1: The Sweetest TT Course EVER!

Welcome to the Miller Motorsports Park. Today was amazing. To begin with, each team was given a pit bay to stage in. This meant we had a nice cool place to hang out and warm up, as well as a nice bathroom to use. 

The course was fantastic -- the turns are so smooth! I couldn't have designed a more fun course if I'd tried -- all the turns could be taken full-speed in the aerobars, and all but a few could be pedaled through. Joe and Christine drove behind me, partially to help me if I got a flat, but mostly because it was really fun to drive around a race track. 

Taylor Phinney started one minute ahead of me, and I never really saw much of him. He ended up winning the race by a huge margin, and reset the course record. 
Here's me with 1k to go.

Here's Lang in the start house.

Here's me and Adrian "the hedge fund" Hegyvary, formerly of Hagens Berman Elite Amateur Cycling Team and Freestyle Dance Squad fame!

Lastly, I'd like to thank Mark Twight for being my power animal and spirit guide today. If you look closely at the results, I beat no less than four guys by less than a second. Thanks Mark. 

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