Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Steve Fisher is My Favorite! Steve Fisher! Wins!

Poetic interlude:

A tale I'd like to tell you, lord
Of bravery and might
About Steve Fisher's mighty sword
And the race he won last night

The fight began with flames and fire
Once lifted was the "neutral" fence
As matches lit, road met tire
And Steve's break'way thus commenced 

Nary a minute did the run'ways gain
Though they rode like raging bulls
The peloton chased in frantic vain
But needed smoother pulls

And in the final charge for glory
Steve unsheathed a sprint most gory

Congrats to Steve, and thanks to

1 comment:

Ben Chaddock said...

i don't think you can say it any better than that - a big congrats to steve and super cycling correspondent Krogg - how do you come up with this stuff?