Saturday, September 17, 2011

Omaha Beach

We made the trip to Omaha beach and the World World Two memorial. I found it much more moving than I'd expected. I knew roughly what I was in for (I mean, who hasn't seen Saving Private Ryan), but whoah did it really sink in hard what out soldiers did out there. Part of what compounded the effect what walking around the Duo Normand's start town of Marigny, and experiencing the lasting gratitude the residents of that town feel towards Americans. Marigny was almost leveled during the American offensive called Operation Cobra. To push the Germans back from the Norman peninsula, allied bombers basically bombed the ever-loving tar out of a bunch of towns that served as German strongholds. After the war, American towns formed partnerships with French towns, and sent money and supplies to help with the rebuilding. Westport, Connecticut basically funded the reconstruction of Marigny, France, and the citizens are still grateful to this day. Here we are in the paper touching the Operation Cobra memorial in Marigny: 

Anyway, here are some photos of our WWII outing. 



Martin Criminale said...

I'm guessing it's pretty impossible to fully comprehend the significance of that beach.

Mary Topping said...

Thanks, Sam. I've never been to the beaches of Normandy, and appreciated your photos. The first year I went to the TDF, maybe 2003, we met a French man on the slopes of Alpe d'Huez who thanked the Americans for their WWII efforts. They have not forgotten, and it's a humbling experience to hear them thank you. Gives new appreciation to those serving our country in the armed forces. Good luck tomorrow! May these thoughts fuel you! Smash it!

Richard McClung said...

There's nothing like seeing the actual place of an historical event. Anne and I got to see Omaha Beach and it is really something to see how vulnerable the soldiers were when you're up on the bluff looking down. Go down to the beach and you see how impossible the task must have seemed.

You can get the same sense of that at Gettysburg and look at Little Big Top or the field of Pickett's Charge.

Cool stuff Sam.