Saturday, September 17, 2011


Good lord, France appears to be a place where good wifi signals go to die. It's been harder to find good wifi in Saint Lo than it was to find a clean cyclist in the early nineties. I apologize for the lack of posting -- it's not for lack of trying.

Now then, I did write an update for the team website. Read that here.

Also, I stumbled across a cool old velodrome outside Saint Lo, and stitched together this panorama:


Next, I took a few videos (remember, these aren't visible if you're viewing this on Facebook). Here's a strange brew:

And here's a little snippet if what my days have been filled with:

Next, I'll point you to the blog of the Honorable Ian Crane Esq., who is currently in Souderton, PA, racing the Univest Grand Prix. I had a splendid run-in with the very same race some years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed being transported back to the rustic, Pennsylvania Dutch, countryside. Ian, I'd recommend the funny cake. It's delicious. UPDATE: Ian tried it! LOOK:

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