Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Wee Little Update

So here's the latest, in no particular order.

I. In Which I Get My Wallet Stolen in Paris
To the people who I asked to guard my backpack for a split second at the tapas restaurant: FUCK YOU! I mean stealing my wallet out of my backpack was one thing, but what really takes the cake is the fact that most of you (everyone except the actual thief presumably) sat there and watched me freak out, empty my backpack on the sidewalk, and suffer the emotional roller coaster that accompanies getting your wallet stolen in a foreign country. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart: FUCK YOU. Seeing as how you failed to extract any money from my debit card, and failed to check out a city bike of Paris using my account (though I have evidence that you tried to do both), I hope you found the 40 euros you walked away a satisfying prize. Yeah, that purse was well worth the risk. For a final time: FUCK YOU!

II. In Which I Won't Be Attending Business School This Fall
The story here is short: I wasn't granted in-state tuition. I can't afford out of state tuition. I guess I'll have to wait until next fall. Awh bugger. 

III. In Which Not Everything Sucks
You know what sucks? Not going to business school this Fall. You know what sucks more? Getting my wallet stolen in Paris. You know what does not suck, however? Getting a contract for the 2012 season in my e-mail inbox this morning.

IV. In Which I've Been Graduated For FIVE FRICKIN' YEARS!
Cripes -- it's been five years! Yes, five years ago this summer, I walked down that fancy carpet, shook hands with the man in the gown, and accepted a piece of paper in a leather case that says I finished college. You can pretty much read my blog from cover to cover to see what happened next. This weekend, I return to my academic stomping grounds to re-live my college days. I plan on drinking cheap beer, playing some frisbee, and listening to some coffeehouse rock! I also fully expect to be surprised by who's gotten married/had kids/gotten fat, to get propositioned for donations by the school's administration, and to repeatedly learn about how much more money my classmates make than I do (or how much more in debt they are after getting their PhD's). Honestly, it should be a rollicking good time. 


Martin Criminale said...

Son of a bitch... but congratulations on your contract for 2012! What a great thing.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Sorry to hear about school and your wallet. People who steal just SUCK.

Congratulations on your contract, I can't wait to see you race next year!

Zacalicious said...

That thief was hired by your business school. They REALLY want your money.

Mary Topping said...

Hi Sam, that is one of the awful things, having your wallet stolen. It feels so invasive, not to mention the loss of money, phone calls, rework. Sending happy thoughts to counter-act the yucky.

So, yea on your 2012 contract! Are you still with Exergy, or are you going to graze in different pastures?

Enjoy the reunion. They can be really good times.