Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Krogg enjoy day three of training camp. Big ride, big climb, big wind! Six hours on bike (5:35 riding time) make for tired caveman. Here Krogg supplies for day: 

Freddie make gigantic feed bag for today's ride. Krogg curious, so Krogg put feed bag on scale: 3.5 lbs of feed (notice whole mango, 5 tortilla wraps, and huge bag of leftover rice)! Fast Freddie eat like champion caveman!

Here team taking brief pause to reload fuel supplies from car:

Here Krogg ride. Gibraltar mountain very very big, and Team Exergy only climb halfway up...but trust Krogg -- halfway up plenty of hard climbing (considering windy ~50 miles of riding beforehand). 


John Sindell said...

Those shoes are awesome

Mary Topping said...

Trying to figure out what's wrapped in foil.

Sam Johnson said...

My foil wraps contained little sandwiches: two almond-butter and jelly, and two roast beef and pepper-jack.