Saturday, February 11, 2012


So training camp is in full swing down here in Ventura, CA. Today was all about preparation: we were introduced to our fabulous new training bikes (which weigh in at a downright chunky 15.7 lbs.), and spent most of the morning adjusting our fits with the expert help of the one and only Tom Coleman of WN Precision. Then we hit the road for the first time as a new squad, a leisurely two-hour cruise, just to make sure the bikes work well and the fits feel good.
Our 2012 Felt FC training bikes.  

We are staying, as we were last year, in the lovely home of some of Exergy's biggest supporters: John and Terri Ferro. Their house is large enough to accommodate all sixteen members of our roster (the staff stays elsewhere), and they themselves are tolerant enough to live right in the eye of the hurricane that is Team Exergy (in fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say they kind of like it -- at least for one week per year).

For the next eight days, my life is downright plush. My responsibilities include: eat a lot of delicious food, spend a generous amount of time hanging out with my teammates (I'm sharing a room with Serghei Tvetcov, a man who deserves a whole post of his own), get a daily massage from our fantastic sougneurs, and last but not least, go clobber myself to pieces on my bike -- hopefully not literally.

Here are some pictures from my day:

Last night's sunset. Temperature: ~70 degrees. 

A hazy morning gave way to bright sun in the afternoon. 

Matt can't decide which hat he he tries to take them all.  Quinn watches, unimpressed. 

Ben teaches Serghei and John how to make his secret "gluten-free,  rice-free, sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, flavor-free, fun-free,  laughter-free, and happiness-free energy bars." Just kidding Ben. I know they taste awesome. And they're better for you. 

Man? Myth? Legend? All of the above. Meet Serghei Tvetcov. 


Anonymous said...

Nice pics - love the sunset shot.

Mary Topping said...

Agreed, gorgeous sunset. And those energy bars sound, um, effective?

Sam Johnson said...

So I was mistaken -- those bars aren't rice-free at all. They have brown rice in them. Ben has been looking fantastic so far, so I'm pretty sure his bars are working just fine.