Friday, February 17, 2012

Rain Rescues Ruined Racers, Rest-day Repose Required

Wednesday was supposed to be,
Another brutal day.
Instead we awoke to see,
Clouds of rain were on their way.

So we bagged the ride,
And went inside,
The coffee shops,
With our laptops.

And upon returning to the nest,
We held our annual pull-up contest,
Our T-rex arms strained,
Several pectorals sprained.

And when the dust had settled down,
Each Exergy man had gave his best,
'Twas Kai Applequist who retained his crown,
And did more pull-ups than the rest.

Congrats Kai!

Here's the podium from the pull-up contest:

Owly Images

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Anonymous said...

T-rex arms - gotta love it.