Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These Robots Simply Cannot Be Ignored

Look people, we ignore these robots at our peril. I mean, first they could roll, then they could walk -- but now they friggin' strut! Just look:

Just look at that robot walk! It looks prouder than a rooster. It's got that "I'll soon be ruling this silly planet with an iron fist (literally!)" swagger. I can almost hear the BeeGee's in the background singing "Stayin' Alive" -- as in robots stayin' alive while we become their servants.

Also, while this next video is much (much much) more boring, it's also pretty cool. It shows a technique for how complicated robots could be easily mass-produced. So if you thought a swarm of 20 quad-rotor drones was scary, wait 'til you see a cloud of robot locusts so vast it blocks out the sun. My advice, just skip to 2:45, and see the finished bee robot emerge from a flat sheet of metal and plastic.

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