Friday, February 24, 2012



I love seeing my friends and family kick ass. Mind you, it makes me a little uncomfortable when they start kicking MY ass, but I guess if I'm going to get my ass kicked, it might as well be someone I know (or even better someone I like) doing the kicking. I'm going to take a moment to acknowledge some of my friends who have been kicking an unusually large amount of ass: 

Name: Drew Lorona 
Type of Ass Kicked: Massive Music Festival
Drew Lorona is one of the founding fathers of the Treefort Music Fest, AKA the biggest music event ever to hit Boise Idaho. Modeled after South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Treefort is a multi-day, multi-venue music festival that will feature an astounding one-hundred and twenty bands. I am still coming to terms with the size and scope of this festival, and the fact that my friend Drew is making this all happen makes me all the more excited. The first band takes the stage in less than a month -- so if you're from Boise (or even if you're not) check out the line-up and buy yourself some Treefort tickets! 

Name: Vanessa Johnson
Type of Ass Kicked: Drawing

Just take a look at the drawings that my sister has been making. She's been on a tear! I love the simple pen drawings with the words. Be sure to visit her blog at, but here are some of my favorites: 

Name: Kristin Armstrong
Type of Ass Kicked: Bicycle Racing
Kristin Armstrong on her way to victory in stage one of the 2012 Tour of New Zealand
I just wanted to recognize K-Strong for the loud-and-clear statement she is making, as we speak, in New Zealand. Kristin won the opening time trial of the Women's Tour of New Zealand, and has been defending her jersey quite admirably. If (ahem) beating all the other women in the world isn't a good way of convincing the US Olympic committee that Kristen is the right pick for the 2012 Olympic team, then I don't know what is. Hang on to that Jersey Kristin! 

Name: Adrian Hegyvary
Type of Ass Kicked: Bicycle Racing

Adrian just placed inside the top 20 at the Tour of Langkawi. Can you say bawh-luh?? However, I love pointing out that everybody, even the most accomplished racers, had to start somewhere. So, instead of putting up a picture of Adrian crushing a TT for his pro-continental cycling team, I'm going to put up a photo of the Adrian I remember from the old days. Hagens Berman, circa 2007. Style? We had it. Rhythm? Had that too. The only thing we lacked were some ladiez to show off our moves. 

That would be Nick Clayville, Ulrich DeYoung, Kiel Reijnin (Team Type 1), and the one and only Adrian Hegyvary (United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team) showing us how to DANCE. 


Mary Topping said...

I love the Hagens Berman photo!
Will you be at San Dimas, Sam?

Sam Johnson said...

Nope. Sadly I'm missing out on a lot if the early season least in this country...

veryrustybrown said...

KA kicks ass indeed - she finished in the top 20 men! Way to go Exergy & Exergy Twenty12!