Friday, May 28, 2010

Still Want to Go to Aspen?

Alright, here it is, I present to you my new moped, Boris: 
Boris is a Kinetic TFR moped. He still needs some work, but I'm proud to say that as of today, Boris does indeed run. He still can't really idle without stalling, nor can he produce enough power to move me forward, but this is a vast improvement over yesterday. I replaced Boris' spark plug, and Boris likes that. I had a moment of supreme embarrassment while attempting to purchase said spark plug at the auto parts store. I was at the check out counter, talking to someone who looked like he should have his own show on SpeedVision, when I realized I know absolutely nothing about gasoline engines. "I need a spark plug for my moped," I said. "Ok, what kind of spark plug," the automotive expert behind the counter asked dryly. Unsure what the guy meant, I tried again, this time slightly louder: " moped spark plug please." The clerk lifted his eyes from his computer screen, and now visibly annoyed said, "Dude, I need a part number for your spark plug. We stock over 100 different types of spark plug." I gulped, suddenly recognizing how out of my league I was. "Oh. I see. I guess I'll be right back then," I said, and inched towards the door. I returned a few minutes later, this time with the old spark plug in hand. I bought a new spark plug, as well as the wrench and socket needed to install it. 
I think Boris might need a new clutch (or at least a rebuild of his current clutch). Provided that the thing next to the engine that spins is indeed the clutch, I'm about 25% sure of this. Not great odds, but that is my best idea thus far. I can't wait for the days when Boris and I cross the country together in search of adventure.

Welcome to the family Boris.

p.s. If anyone out there in blogland is good at repairing mopeds (or moped clutches), and is interested in helping Boris and me achieve our dreams, let me know. Any help would be appreciated.

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colin said...

hahaha! i love how auto shop workers assume you know what to do so when you don't they can get a super-smart sensation!!!