Monday, May 3, 2010

Farewell Dear Ridley

I'm so thrilled to be riding my new Blue AC1 SL (with custom HB paint I might add!), but it makes me a tinge sad to realize that my Ridley has probably seen the end of it's racing days. Let's talk a walk through memory lane, shall we?

Ridley dearest, you came to me back in the early months of 2008, March to be precise. I rejoiced at your arrival, though I was unable to fully outfit you with new parts for quite some time. You served me beautifully all year, carrying me to many a victory, and surviving many a crash. At year's end, you were every bit as good to me as you were the day I met you. You stayed with me, even though I neglected you through the campaign, and spent those months on the hippy bus. Finally, I returned to Seattle, and rode you all through the winter and spring of '09. You endured countless miles in the frigid seattle rain without complaint, and once racing began, carried me to more victories, despite there being rumor that your replacement would soon arrive. We went to the Tour of the Gila together, and we raced against Lance, and you made me proud as proud could be. When my shiny new Blue Rc8 arrived, you didn't complain, you didn't despair. "He'll be back," you said to yourself. And you were right. After the last race of 2009 was raced, I did come back. Blue asked for their bike, so I returned my Rc8 from whence it came. And you returned to me with open arms (or open bars rather), reminding me of how good we really had it together. With next year's bike at least six months away, we steadied ourselves for a long, hard, wet winter together. You became my commuter, complete with lights, fenders, and a big fat buddy flap -- a Burke Gilman cruiser if there ever was one. Some bikes might have felt a pang of indignation to being relegated to mere transportation utility, but you took it in stride, knowing that the months would pass, and the seasons would turn, and finally the racing would start once again. And start again it did! And when it did you were ready! You shed your fenders like a dragonfly emerging from it's cocoon -- a racing machine reborn! And oh how you showed your mettle, rounding up results with finesse, victories even, time and time again. Again, the rumors began to flow -- a new bike on its way. The Blue AC1 SL. But you carried me to higher heights until the very end, saving the best for last perhaps? Finally, my new Blue did come. And again, you have taken the back seat -- again a commuter. A vehicle for the trail, with lights, and fenders, and a big fat buddy flap. I don't know if our racing days are truly done or not Ridley dearest, but regardless, my heart overflows with gratitude. Thank you for the years, the races, and the rides, 


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