Friday, November 19, 2010

Boise Checklist

Moving to Boise checklist.

Step 1: Sell time trial bike.
 Yes, sadly, it was time. Time to send my faithful Blue beauty off to her new lucky owner. I remember those giddy feelings that flooded my brain when I first got ahold of her. "You're really fast looking!" I thought. She was a great steed, and carried me to many a fine result over the last two seasons. She racked up a state TT title, a Ski-to-Sea Top Gun award, a fourth place at the Mt. Hood Cycling classic, and finished second behind Ian McKissick more times than I care to count (I'LL GET YOU IAN MCKISSICK!!!!!!!). Fare thee well, Blue Triad. You shall be missed.

Step 2: Defibrillate truck.

Yes, my truck has seen better days. Those of you who have haunted GliderBison since the dawn will remember me constantly galavanting across the northwest in my gorgeous gray gob of gears (see photo of my awesome truck at the height of her powers).

Well, after moving to Seattle (for good) in the winter of '09, I parked my truck in our driveway. Unable (or perhaps just unwilling) to afford proper vehicle registration and insurance, and keen on living a bike-only lifestyle, I just let her sit there. Oh, I'd start her up every so often and let her idle in the driveway for an hour, but I could tell she wasn't happy -- my truck craved the open road! She longed to cruise at her top speed of 60 mph across the endless Pallouse hills of Eastern Washington. However, my truck's last stretch of inactivity spanned nearly 6 months, and I was worried I might have neglected her to death this time. Those rust patches: bigger. My efforts to jump the battery: unsuccessful. My neighbor who knows about these things better than I pronounced the battery fully and completely dead. So, my wallet flushed with TT bike money, I bought her a new battery:

AND LO -- SHE STARTED UP WITH GUSTO, much to the utter astonishment of my housemates, and neighbors, many of whom have never seen her move an inch. 
 I filled up her tires, and BOOM! SHE'S READY TO HIT THE ROAD!!!

Step 3: Celebrate!


Richard McClung said...


I didn't know you were Albanian.

Gliderbison said...

Albanian? That's just how I dress when I go out to the bars!