Thursday, July 7, 2011

Delta Force

When I was a kid, I played this awful video game called Delta Force. In it, I ran around the desert sniping and blasting and fragging and lasing to my heart's content. Well our very own Delta Force is about to launch a mission deep behind enemy lines...into CANADA! That's right, the team is off to race in the Tour of Delta. Personally, I'm staying in Idaho and training my butt off in preparation for Cascade, but the full power of Team Exergy is about to hit the tiny Canadian hamlet (are you kidding me?). Our three Colombians (Andres Diaz, Carlos Alzate, and Freddy Rodriguez), will join forces with our three Canadians (Ben Chaddock, and the Mullervy twins). Americans will be the minority on this roster, with only Quin Keogh and Remi McManus representing the good ol' US of A. GOOD LUCK DELTA FORCE!!!
For most missions, Carlos Alzate prefers the M-16 with grenade launcher.

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