Saturday, July 23, 2011

Four Days In

Oh gosh. Two TT's and two road races. Since I wrote last, I had a pretty descent TT result -- 21st on the Skyliner course -- followed by a minor implosion yesterday. I was pretty happy with my TT; that's my best result in a full length NRC TT to date. I've been working hard on my time trialing (spending time on the TT bike, and doing plenty of threshold efforts), and watching my diet in an attempt to trim off a few pounds, so I'm slightly leaner than normal. Yesterday was just a brute of a stage. It was hard all day long, and I swung the axe a tad too hard on the first climb, leaving me feeling flat on the run-in to the finish. I suppose we did a descent job of defending Carlos' sprint leader's jersey, but otherwise....ouch. BIG OUCH.

TWO MORE DAYS. Crit tonight, circuit tomorrow.

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Karsten said...

Dude...I'm a complete wreck after 4 stages; nice job on the TT! I guess that's why you get paid to do this.