Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glider Bison's Favorites: Cycling!

Next up on Glider Bison's tour of the best websites on the face of the internet: cycling websites.

Just The Business:

Most of the time, I just want the news: who won the race and how did it happen? When you're only interested in "the business", the best sites are obviously Cyclingnews and Velonews. While these two websites have plenty of other content, they are usually the best at getting me what I want: the race results, pronto.

Domestic Cycling:

Podium in Sight is a great blog-style website that focuses on the domestic peloton. It's stylish, professional, and cool. There are some great interviews with racers on domestic pro teams, they do a good job covering the NRC, and there's a Twitter feed from a wide array of US-based racers, team directors, and yes, even bloggers (GliderBison's blog has been known to show up on there).

Missing Saddle is a collection of the blog posts from most of the US-based pros who keep a blog, along with more Twitter feeds, and videos. Sometimes the cyclists in the US prove delightful writers -- witty, insightful, and fun. Other times they drone on and on, giving you the exact sequence of events (from their perspective), for every race they enter. Learn who can write and follow those guys -- don't bother with the droners.

Velo Bios is a good reference site. It has stats on every domestic-based pro, as well as all the American or Canadian guys racing for foreign teams. Not sure who the hell Shawn Milne is? Can't remember who's on Kelly Benefits? Velo Bois has your answer.

Velo Review is a site run by Kenji, the OBRA director. Kenji's site serves as the hub for Oregon's cycling Blogosphere (amazing to think that Oregon has its own cycling Blogosphere, right?). He is the sun, which around blogs like mine orbit. He often reads and summarizes blog posts from cyclist bloggers in the Northwest.

Funny Stuff

When you just want to laugh, going to BikeSnobNYC is a good place to start. I don't find his current preoccupation with fixters quite as hilarious as I once did, but the Snob sure can write, and when he writes, I usually laugh.

After that, try PezCyclingNews -- it's a light hearted look at "what's cool in pro cycling." They tend to focus on lightweight carbon fiber exotica and podium girls. This site serves as the gateway drug for many a cycling fan -- one day you're innocently checking out the Daily Distractions, and a few weeks later you're main-lining results ten times per day straight from Cyclingnews. 


Lyne said...

thanks for the shout out!

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Lyne -- your site totally rocks! So flattered that you occasion the Bison!

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