Saturday, May 2, 2009

Editor's Note: Bruce Springsteen Not Actually Racing Tour of the Gila

Alright, I need to fess up tom something. Apparently, my post from ten days ago entitled "Dropping the L-Bomb" was (unfortunately) misunderstood by some of my readers. In that post, I claimed that Bruce Springsteen (AKA "The Boss") would be competing at this year's Tour of the Gila. This was intended to serve as a euphemism for Lance Armstrong, the boss of the cycling world; yet clearly my sarcasm was ineffectively thick (or thin), misleading some of my readers to take me seriously. I apologize to everyone who has been scanning the Gila results for Bruce's name. To my knowledge, he isn't here. In the future, I'll try to keep in mind that something I perceive as wildly outlandish, might not come across that way to those who haven't spent the better part of the last decade racing bicycles. 

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