Saturday, May 9, 2009

Psychal Eng Noose

Down in Ft. Collins: 

Men 1's Road Race: Adrian got 6th, it sounds like that was the hardest-earned 6th place in history. I won't give you the full details, but let's just say it involved a five-minute solo bridge, a twenty-minute solo bridge, and getting dropped a lot towards the end. Hat's off Adrian -- once again -- you're a hardman. 

Men 2's Road Race: Whitman's Duncan McGovern took 9th, and all the boys finished in the points. Didn't see the race, but sounds like it was brutally windy. 

Women's 2's Road Race: Kendi Thomas (of both Whitman and Hagens Berman) finished in the top ten, and all the girls fought tooth and nail for every last point out there. After the first day of Nationals, Whitman is leading by a pretty solid margin (156 points to second place MIT's 115). KEEP IT UP WHITMAN!!! Good luck in today's crits! 

Over in Italy: 

Sometimes when a guy like Mark Cavendish runs his mouth, you want to hate the guy. "Cocky asshole," I though when I first read his interview with cyclingnews. 

But then, after his  team goes and crushes it in the Giro's opening TTT, putting him in the pink jersey (which he's likely to keep for a few days at least), it's hard to hold those words against him. Cycling: the only sport where wearing bright pink makes you look less like a cocky asshole, and more like you know just what you're talking about. 

Up in Belgium 

Tom Boonen got caught sniffing coke again! I love it! To paraphrase Cooper, Tornado Tom just won the shit out of Paris-Roubaix for the third time -- of course he's going to do a little coke! Come on UCI/Quickstep/WADA -- sniffing coke isn't a doping violation out of competition, so why are you even testing for it? I don't agree with Boonen's decision to blow lines of coke off the top tube of his new Specialized, but I understand -- HE JUST WON THE SHIT OUT OF PARIS-ROUBAIX FOR A THIRD TIME

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