Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Krogg Now Cycling Coach!

For the last nine months, I've been working at a wonderful place called Cycle University. Working at Cycle U through the fall and winter was somewhat of a dream job for me -- not only was I doing tons of quality training in Cycle U's beautiful indoor cycling studio, but I was getting paid to do it! In fact, my whole fall and winter of training consisted almost entirely of Cycle U's InCycle workouts. I wear several hats over there:  among other things, I lead indoor cycling classes, teach beginning racing clinics, and run indoor time trials. Well now you can add coaching to that list. A few months ago, I got my coaching license from USA cycling, and started working with my first client. I've got space and time for more clients, so if you're interested, visit the coaching website and check out the rates. Just be sure to request me as your coach when you fill out the Coaching Form.


Martin Criminale said...

Nice job coach Sam! Keep growing I always say.

Jamie Stangeland said...

Do we request Krog or Sam? Nothing against Sam, but I think having Krog as a coach would be pretty sweet.