Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Briefly in Boise

My layover in Portland was delightful. Quinn and Ben are going to be fantastic teammates. I'm so excited to see what both of these guys are capable of. Here we are, lookin' sexy:

Then, against all odds, the Grey Glider made it safely to Boise! I'm here in the land of potatoes, blue football fields, and most importantly, the Exergy Pro Cycling Team! I'm extremely excited to be here (even though I'm leaving for New Mexico tomorrow) -- things are starting to congeal. I got to swing by the service course today, and my jaw just about hit the floor. For those who don't know, a service course is basically a team command center. It's part warehouse, where the team manages its equipment throughout the season. It's part bike shop, where the mechanics assemble and maintain the fleet of bikes. And it's part war-room, where the team managers plot our racing season on wall-to-wall white boards like generals directing their troops. It felt pretty cool to see a giant chart spanning the whole season, race by race, and to see my name atop a column which will soon be filled with check-marks indicating I'm on that roster. Right now, Team Exergy is scrambling to finish setting up the service course before the first waves of equipment start washing up in Bosie. I got to meet several important staff members, and helped assemble racks of shelves which will hold boxes of kits, helmets, glasses, shoes, nutrition, and bikes -- glorious bikes! 

While I was there pounding racks together, Cyclingnews released this little gem: 
So there it is. Ten continental teams. We're on there, so it's official.

There should be lots more exciting news coming from Team Exergy in the coming weeks. 

Oh and another thing -- is it me or are ballerinas making some sort of comeback? First off there's Kanye West, who is definitely a douche-bag (his words not mine), but a talented douche bag who makes excellent use of ballerinas in his video Runaway: 
Next there's Natalie Portman running around her own nightmares in ballet slippers: 

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