Sunday, December 12, 2010

Portland Living!

So here I am in Portland, staying with my good friends and new teammates Ben and Quinn. Things have been lovely -- upon arrival, I swung by my good friends at Coalition Brewery, and was thrilled to see the place is thriving. I sampled several of their finest brews, and had some jolly good times with old friends. Thanks, as usual, Coalition. Then yesterday Ben and I rode long and hard in the pouring rain. Much of the farmland we rode through was flooded (or flooding I should say), and we rode through some puddles that reminded me of fording a river in the Oregon Trail (we opted to caulk the wagons). Then we followed things up with a hockey game:

Things went nuts when the Winter Hawks scored their first goal, thus initiating the infamous "bear toss." That's over 12,500 bears on the ice.

 There's Tom-A-Hawk.

I will say that sitting in a stadium seat for 3 hours with blasted legs was hard. Hard. Ouch.

This morning, after a nice breakfast, Quinn grossed us all out:

I'm only kidding. He's not actually grabbing his crotch; Quinn is teaching us some kettle ball technique. Quinn is both a kettle-ball badass, and a very good instructor. He made that 20kg kettle ball look light and agile:
And he helped Ben achieve some good form as well. Ben gives the 'balls a try.

Then I tried. I learned that I am not a kettle ball badass. Things to work towards.

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Anonymous said...

Quinn was just Quinn or maybe Quinn'r before Kettlebells. Now he is SuperQuinn. There is no doubt.

p.s. caveman like kettlebells.