Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GliderBison Giveaway!

Here you go GliderBisons -- a sweeeeeet Smith Optics cycling cap. World Champ stripes. Brand new. Stretch fit (one size fits all).

Here's how it works.

To enter: comment on this blog post (not on facebook -- on the blog only), and leave a name. Entries in the form of haiku are highly appreciated. One entry per person.

To win: check back here on Sunday morning (12/26). You'll be assigned a number based on the order that you enter, and I'll let a random integer do the actual selecting. If you win, e-mail me with your address, and your prize will show up in the mail! Easy!



IAN! said...

Sexy-assed Sundays
Pounding a Ghetto Blaster
Wearing out my knees

Fliff like a sultan
Oppenheimer Pinata
Lemon Drops was cool

Blist'ring James Taylor
Night turns into shitiness
Hippies pouring in

Death was hanging out
Body of heavy reader
Blacked out for a bit

Striptease falcons swoon
Stuck in Tokyo drifting car
My eyes are punished

Oblivion swigs
Light peaks out human costume
Real patient demon

Grappler school antics
Wolfed cookies; blacked out again
willed self back to sleep

Awoke for last time
Break up email to Momo
Sent into the ether

Email make the rounds
That's why you don't fuck students
Frank shits in my cut

Spencer said...

hills don't climb themselves
the sun will not set itself
night commute again

Notimer said...

DC Ode to Abba

Old friendly routes now packed with snow
A biting wind tells me I’m alive
Thaw out my toes along Beach Drive
Join hasty traffic nowhere else to go

The monuments await me still
Hain’s cronies race around the loop
Seven more laps then post-ride soup
Ice forming fast no time to kill

In winter solstice days are short
Spinning is like Oprah reruns
It’s the monotony my mind shuns
That’s why cycling’s an outdoor sport