Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Truchas New Mexico

So Krogg get special opportunity: ride bike from Santa Fe to Taos and then get car ride back home! This great for Krogg -- Krogg always want to ride those roads, plus weather being very cooperative at the moment. So Krogg start voyage. Aside from mild head-wind on frontage road to Pojoaque (pronounced poe-WHA-kee), things go smoothly at first. Krogg pass by famous Camel Rock and have to suppress caveman urge to huck spear at camel -- think how much meat! 

Then Krogg get slightly lost. YES, Krogg have Giant Pigeon in Sky (GPS), but GPS not exactly well-versed in the labyrinthine, canine-filled, nettle-work known as Pojoaque. GPS offer this suggestion for taking shortcut:
Pojoaque offer this as counter offer:

Yes, Krogg get caveman blood flowing rather quickly when dogs approach with teeth bared, and make bid for caveman ankle. Fortunately, Krogg have excellent kicking reflexes, as well as excellent sprinting reflexes. Finally Krogg find road that take high-route to Taos. Travel through beautiful new mexico countryside.

 Finally Krogg arrive at Truchas. Truchas at 8,000 feet. Damn that not a lot of air for caveman lungs.

 Krogg climb climb climb up to snow covered mountain pass, and take picture of bike in snow.

 Finally Krogg pass through TAOS, just as sun setting. Friggin gorgeous time of day in New Mexico.
Here Krogg Garmin file. Zoom in on town of Nambe (near bottom of map) to see Krogg's failed attempt to take shortcut through Pojoaque. 


Richard McClung said...

That's some nice ridin' there Krogg, beautiful country indeed.

Adam said...

thoroughly enjoyed this