Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gotta Brag About My Mom

Ok, so I know that it's normally the job of parents to brag about (and thus embarrass) their children. Well haha mother -- how the tables have turned! I wield my blog however I choose -- and I choose to brag about my mother's pottery.

Just over two years ago, my mother had never touched a piece of clay. She took the beginning ceramics class at the community college. She started out throwing things on the wheel. Here's her first (successful) thrown piece (notice how thick the walls are, i.e. thick enough to carve 1/4 inch gouges in for decoration):
 Here's another early attempt:
Early on, mother clearly showed her knack for decoration. These aren't the best thrown forms, and probably weighed five pounds a-piece (sorry mom) but they're still beautiful:

Well it's been a mere two years, and look at what she's making now:

I know -- jaw on the floor, right?

So there mom. 


Anonymous said...

That's awesome.

Martin Criminale said...

Damn... I feel like I'm touring some perfectly preserved archaeological dig. From two or three different countries.

If Sam's Mom ever opens a store to sell some of these beauties I'd like to be on the mailing list.