Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big News

Huge news everybody.

We just signed Freddie Rodriguez to our roster. Yes, that's right, three-time national champion Fast Freddie Rodriguez (which thereby doubles the number of racers on our roster with their own wikipedia page). Read the press release here.

Also joining the squad are Kevin and Conor Mullervy, the famous ginger twins! Move over Jacques-Manes brothers, there's a new set of twins in pro cycling. They're younger, they grow better mustaches, and they're a lot more red-headed!

All our new racers will be racing in Exergy kits in the upcoming weeks. Freddie is joining us at Philly, and the Ginger Twins will be at Tulsa Tough.

Can I get a COWABUNGA?!??!


Tony V said...

Dang! In it to win it, for sure, Exergy! Sam, give them all you got, for sure!

IAN! said...

So awesome! Fast Freddy is my fave. I believe I still have Cycling News Magazines with him in full US Champ Domo Farm Frites kit. Total class. He's welcome in Seatown any time. We can eff some Canucks up real good. Do I hear Tour of Utah anyone?

Martin Criminale said...

Nice. I see you have taken on the role of the entire Team Exergy PR staff. :)

Now go tell KROGG TO KRUSH!

elizabeth said...

A freakin' plus!