Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ways To Waste Time on the Internet

The internet is vast, like the ocean. Most of that vastness is composed of total garbage, a sprawling matrix of blithering, worthless nonsense. Most tweets suck. Most blog posts are boring. Most youtube videos are pointless. Yet there exist tiny, succulent pockets of quality. The problem is, like fish scattered across the Atlantic, these gems can be hard to spot. Honestly, who has time to sift through the endless gobs of drivel in search of that one gleaming, glittering piece of internet perfection? The answer is that I do. Like a deep sea trawler, I've tracked the best parts of the internet using the latest technology, and corralled them into one spot with the nets of my blog. Without further ado, I present the BEST OF THE INTERNET:

Disclaimer: not actually the best of the internet -- basically just stuff you might like.  

Blogs from Racers who do FUNNY THINGS:

Check out this one from Brian, who nearly lost his nipples in a crash.

Lookie here from Ian, who wrote a funny note to his mom about how he finally decided to shave his arms. 

Thomas Tabernacle Peterson is Kennett's dog. Kennett's dog is a very good dog, except when it comes to murdering small animals, in which case, he's a very bad dog. Read about Thomas, and his bloodthirsty exploits here, and here, and become Thomas' facebook friend here.

Cool Team Exergy stuff:

The Manual for Speed is a collection of photos, writing, and video that document the pursuit of speed -- by following Team Exergy through our first year as a pro team. It's got tons of cool pics.

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