Thursday, June 9, 2011

The (Continuing) Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg: JIM THORPE

And now it's time for another installment from your favorite duo, Chris Hong and Krogg.

The Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg
Episode IV: Jim Thorpe

Krogg and Hong spend time in Jim Thorpe in between races. This place good for bikes. Not only is there awesome panny farthing, but there good good bike path. Bike path called Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail. This trail total paradise for hybrid bike -- over 20 miles of smooth flat gravel road with few bumps. For uninformed caveman, hybrid bike have reputation as extremely silly machine -- not capable mountain bike (bad suspension, upright position, 700c wheels), but not capable road bike either (fat tires, flat handlebars, ~95 lbs.). For years, Krogg look down upon hybrid bike like Krogg look down at duckbill platypus.(JUST PICK ONE WILL YOU PLATYPUS? YOU DUCK? OR BEAVER?) 

Then finally, Krogg understand: hybrid bike PERFECT for Lehigh Gorge bike path! LOOK: 
Actual photo from Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail
See? Everybody ride hybrid. Everybody happy. Well Krogg and Hong no have hybrid, but we try luck anyway. Krogg and Hong ride bikes down trail, and pass many cyclist, all on hybrid bike. Krogg begin to doubt earlier assumption that it not about bike; maybe those people right....maybe hybrid bike IS better! HOLY SNARLING SABERTOOTH -- KROGG WANT HYBRID BIKE! Krogg and Hong ANGRY!!!

Then stop for snack and suddenly, Krogg get idea: hybrid bike fit poorly, handle poorly, and make no sense -- if KROGG RIDE HONG BIKE, IT ALSO FIT POORLY, HANDLE POORLY, AND MAKE NO SENSE!!! 

Before long, Krogg and Hong breeze down trail on wrong bike, happy as clam, waving hi to all the other caveman on hybrid bike. 
Krogg even try sprint on Hong bike -- maybe go faster? 
Turns out, no, Krogg no go faster on Hong bike, but Krogg pretty sure Hong save ride data on SRM power meter. Krogg hope Hong coach like giant caveman watts! Then Hong sprint on Krogg bike: 
Hong not exactly about to tear bottom-bracket out of frame there, but Krogg impressed nonetheless; pedals FAR for Hong. 

Anyway, Krogg and Hong ride remainder of Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail on wrong bike, happy as clam. Then get back to paved roads and snap out of crazy hybrid obsession. Krogg and Hong trade back bike, and never speak of hybrid bike again! Thank goodness for paved road, and road bike. 

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