Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here's pretty much everything you need to know: I'm back in Boise, I'm training hard, and I love it. The first thing I did after returning from my East Coast adventure was take a nice long rest. That, in itself was great -- tons of sleep every night, lots of healthy food, and the occasional spin on my mountain bike. After nearly a week of that, I was primed and ready to get back on the bike!

Here's me all week:

Next big event for me: the mighty mighty Cascade Classic, which starts the 19th of July.

However, I have teammates who are racing currently: Ben Chaddock, our plucky ambassador to the hockey-riot-loving nation directly to the North, just finished racing Canadian Nationals. He placed an astonishing 3rd place in today's criterium, and apparently won the field sprint to do so. I fully expect a detailed report on his blog when he's got the time. Congrats on getting on that podium Ben!

And TALKING ABOUT PODIUMS, CARLOS ALZATE JUST WON THE MANHATTAN BEACH GRAND PRIX! That marks Team Exergy's first appearance on the top step of an NRC Podium. Congratulations Carlos! I'm sure there will be plenty of photos and race reports available available through the usual channels, so stay tuned. Oh, and here's a hint -- if you want to say "badass" in Colombian Spanish, you say "vacano," as in: "Carlos, usted es vacano."

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