Saturday, June 4, 2011


So Krogg encounter bike from old days. This bike called penny farthing. KROGG RIDE BIKE!!!!!! First thing Krogg notice:  BIKE TALL! Holy swinging stegosaurus tail, Krogg high off ground! Next thing Krogg realize: BIKE WOBBLY. Man who own bike say penny farthing less wobbly at higher speed, but Krogg never find out because...third thing Krogg realize: BIKE SLOW! Ben capture whole embarresing (and frightening) spectacle on video and edit. Watch Krogg slowly careen wrong way down one-way street. HERE, FOR YOU VIEWING PLEASURE: 

Huge thanks to Ben Chaddock for the video. 


Jamie Stangeland said...


I have always wanted to ride one of those. I am jealous.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Honestly, I would love to take another crack at it without my bike shoes on -- I kept slipping off the pedals and never really got up to speed.