Sunday, June 26, 2011

GliderBison Giveaway! GO CARLOS!

In celebration of Carlos' victory at the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix, I'm going to give away one of these sweet Team Exergy tee-shirts. To win, you MUST submit your entry in haiku form (or other form of poem)! Also, I'd prefer that your poem relate to Carlos' recent victory, but any poem will qualify.

To enter, just post a comment (IN HAIKU FORM)  on this post (facebook entries don't count). One post per person please. I'll draw a winner using a random number generator at the end of the month (6/30/11), and contact you regarding what size of shirt you want, and where to send it. GOOD LUCK!!!


ZJM said...

Really want a shirt
Haiku is badass poem
Carlos is the man.

Andy said...

There once was a racer from Exergy
whose resume had podiums a plenty
but the win did elude
Keogh's bum he viewed
Until he won at Manhattan GP!

Ryan D said...

Carlos es caliente
En California esta el Terminator
Pero Carlos es muy macho.

kennett Peterson said...


emiliano granado said...

Andy with the early lead!

Jerry Shere said...

summer surf
with power to the pedal
Carlos at the line

Ted said...

A summer mirage...
Chaos, speed, no time to loose
Carlos for the WIN!

Eric said...

Congrats to Carlos
Exergy set to crush all
Colombian clout

cycloid said...

The pack Felt just wind
Williams a blur at the line
Carlos and Exergy

pencilboy said...

hint of summer
fast as a thunderbolt

Ian Crane said...

Carlos Carlos Car
Carlos Carlos Carlos Car
Carlos Carlos Win

Zacalicious said...

Carlos win gran prix
Shirtless back make me go slow
New shirt help me win

John Sindell said...

Él es vacano
Others try to win the race
Carlos rides away

INDIA.ARI said...

Thunder thighs, go
Sweat-brimmed eyes, flow
What a rise, man

Rachel said...

Go Carlos! Meanwhile
my clavicle breaks - and now
I'm all Exergy!

Anonymous said...

Wheels spin happily
Carlos sprints for victory
We all want to scream

-Nathan S.

Tad said...

I know I'm late, but I have to try:

Who generated
The Number Generator?
Carlos Alzate.