Monday, July 4, 2011


So today I turn the tooth-rottingly sweet age of twenty-eight years. Yes that's right, today is my birthday. And what am I going to do on my birthday? WATCH A PARADE THEN RACE MY BIKE! How sweet is that? A PARADE! FOLLOWED BY A BICYCLE RACE! I'm thinking something like this:
 Yep, that's right, today is the Hailey Criterium. Four-corners, five-thousand feet above sea level, six-thousand dollars (rumored) in prize money. Team Exergy has a solid hit-squad up to the task: Idaho natives Kai and Remi (who absolutely murdered this race last year), the now-world-famous ginger twins Conner and Kevin, and of course, yours truly. YAAAAAA-HOOOO!!!!! GO BIKE RACING.

Good omens:

  • Tyler Ferrar, an American, won the Tour stage this morning. 
  • I woke up to one of the best gifts ever: a gift certificate for a new speedo! I've been in dire need of a new speedo, ever since I wore out my last one (which I bought to replace the one I wore out before that). 
  • I'm staying in Sun Valley, Idaho, one of my all time favorite places! BOO YEAH!
  • I woke up and found that during the night, my facial hair had been re-arranged into THIS AWESOME CONFIGURATION: 

  • As I was walking towards the car yesterday, I saw a crow busily organizing rocks and sticks. I went over to see what it was doing and saw this: 

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