Saturday, July 16, 2011


So Krogg no race Boise Twilight Crit. This because Krogg team so packed with crit sharks, there actually eight other racers better suited to the job. Krogg not disappointed by this -- Krogg want best team to do job, and if team have eight other racers better for job, then GREAT FOR TEAM! However, this mean two thing: 

THING ONE: BOISE TWILIGHT WEBSITE FALSE ADVERTISING! Look at website banner: KROGG ON FRONT PAGE! Fans going to be pissed tonight -- expect Krogg out there swinging axe -- Krogg not responsible for post-race street riot. 

THING TWO: This mean Krogg get to hang out, hoot and holler, shake hand, hand out tons of Exergy swag, and then PARTY! KROGG VERY HAPPY FOR BOISE TWILIGHT CRIT!! GO CARLOS! GO FREDDY! GO BEN!!!!! Krogg live-blog from Crit if possible. GO!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are a riot ! :)