Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You Know What Feels Good?


Remember my truck? Yeah, it's been kinda "out of commission" these last few years for a variety of factors. One of the many hurdles I had to overcome to get my beautiful battle-wagon back where she belongs (i.e. on the road), was passing Idaho state's emissions standards. She failed her first test miserably. This was understandable: the gas in her tank had been there for months, she hadn't had a new air filter in ages and ages, and....well....she's old. But I swapped out her gas, added one of those "engine cleaners" to the mix, and replaced that air filter. When we was a photo finish but SHE PASSED! Idaho state idle Co2 standard: 1.20 ppm. MY TRUCK: 1.19 ppm. GO TRUCK! PASSING FEELS GREAT

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE FEELS GOOD? Winning a huge crit!

That's exactly what my teammate Carlos Eduardo Alzate Escobar did last night. Carlos is badder than bad. He just might be the baddest motherfuckin' crit racer in the whole world! IN THE WORLD! Check it:


Martin Criminale said...

What a great win!

But what a bad truck! If you are .01% (or whatever that number means) away from failing an already WAY too permissive standard for pollution don't you think you should give your truck a little more TLC so it does not trash the planet so much...?

And maybe I'm being presumptive ass? It's certainly possible. :)

Anonymous said...

yes, yes you are :)

(sorry that was too easy)