Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So the rumor mill has been churning out crazy headlines like this:

Schleck brothers say yes to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

This means things for me:

1. I guess I'd better start brushing up my Luxembourg-ian (what the hell language do they speak over there anyway?) For instance, I need to learn how to say things like "you call that an attack Andy?" or "you'd better get more time on me than that if you want to keep your jersey past the time trial."

2. I'll finally get to be in a Schleck sandwich:
Liege Bastogne Liege
Tour de France

USA Pro Cycling Challenge


Anonymous said...

You seem to have an extra ear...

Anonymous said...

I thought you look taller in person than you do on the podium.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

The extra ear is there to help me detect sneak attacks from Andy or Frank. And I'm still tall, but Frank and Andy have taken to bringing along milk crates to their podium presentations to stand on.