Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well well well, it looks like that little party down in Colorado we're doing is blowing up bigger than Congress' phone lines. The Schleck brothers were just the tip of the iceberg! None other than the head honcho himself, reigning tour champ Cadel Evans is going to grace the Colorado Rockies with his presence. Not only that, there are rumors, (and so far only rumors) that KING CONTADOR will be there. I mean -- come on! How much more hype can you get. All we need now is for Lance to re-come out of retirement (again), and announce that he's buried the hatched with Greg Lemond, and that the two of them will be contesting the race on a composite team alongside Eddie Merck and Alexi Grewal. It's just a bike race. And they're just bike racers. Fast bike racers.


Martin Criminale said...

Nice chin. You crack me up.

Mary Topping said...

Hey Sam, can you share your thoughts on what stages of the Colorado race you are aiming for? It's for my blog: I'm planning posts of who can win each stage, starting tonight with the prologue.

Yes, I thought the chin was funny, too.