Tuesday, November 1, 2011


ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT -- I GOTTA CLEAR SOME THINGS UP! The internet is filled with bent truths, incomplete truths, inconvenient truths, and downright untruths. Normally I'm fine with this, but when these less-than-the-whole-truths are about ME, that's where I draw the line! By now, you've no doubt seen the latest installment of the Manual for Speed. It's entitled "Nutrition for Pros," and features yours truly. I gotta say, the video is pretty funny -- see for yourself:

A Manual for Speed: Sam Johnson on Nutrition for Pros from manualforspeed on Vimeo.

And yes, the recipes utilizing Hammer Nutrition products are mine.

But I TAKE UMBRAGE at the notion that I still resort to such desperate measures! NO. Not true! I mean there was a time, sure, when my bin of Hammer Products held a significant caloric advantage over my bin of actual food. 2007 was a had its ups and downs. But I haven't made Perpetuem pancakes in years (at least not out of necessity). YEARS, YOU HEAR ME? My quality of life, and quality of diet has risen steadily since those days (no offence Hammer Nutrition), and things have gotten downright plush by comparison after making the jump to Team Exergy.

And therein lies the bent truth -- domestic pros, most of us at least, aren't exactly rocketing our way to being millionaires -- but we still get race our bicycles for a living. We aren't really fighting for survival. Let me repeat that: we race our bicycles for a living! I don't care how meager that living may be, or how many sacrifices we make in order to keep this job, in the big scheme of things we're extremely fortunate to do what we do. Not only that, I felt the exact same way back in 2007 when I was an amateur eating Perpetuem for dinner. You know why? Because it was worth it! I chose to live that way: the satisfaction I extracted from my life as a racer more than made up for the occasional discomfort I had to endure. I didn't feel sorry for myself -- I felt privileged! I had the freedom to chase down my dreams. Not only that, I had the support of my family and friends in doing so. And, most importantly, I wasn't preoccupied by bigger worries. It's hard to complain about eating Perpetuem pancakes while others on this planet are struggling just to eat.


Bob Cesca said...

I still remember one of the first posts I read here about you boiling water in a hotel coffee maker in order to make three pathetic ravioli. I assume the ravioli wasn't served with a Hammer marinara.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Oh yeah -- those were some good times. I think you're talking about this post: http://gliderbison.blogspot.com/2008/06/starving-cyclists-survival-guide.html