Monday, November 7, 2011

The Off-Season Job

These days, finding a good job is harder than stalking a jaguar through thick jungle in the dead of night with nothing more than a rusty compass and some dowsing rods. Personally, I'm fortunate enough to have a fantastic job starting on January first of next year. Until then, I'm looking for work! This isn't the first time I'm found myself looking for work, however; if you've followed my blog long enough, you've seen me go through all sorts of job-search related contortions. Here's a quick run-down:

In 2007 I got a job as a carpenter by posting a "hire me!" ad on Craigslist. 
In 2008 I got a job (albeit not a paying one) in the Obama campaign in Santa Fe. 
In 2009 I applied to work at Starbucks...on the very day they laid off 6,700 people. Much hilarity ensued. 
Later in 2009 I learned some lessons about life, liberty, and the pursuit of paychecks -- and kicked off my very fruitful stint at Cycle University. 
In 2011 I finally got my first job racing bicycles, and oh, what a glorious job that was.

However, just because I'm a "made man" in the cycling world, doesn't mean I'm immune to the same down economy that we all are. In fact, despite earning my first pro card, I've found myself in very familiar territory for this time of year: out of money, almost out of bike parts to sell (anyone want to buy an XL road bike? or some Bont shoes?), and growing more and more discouraged by my failure to convince someone to hire me. I've been trying to sweet-talk my way into being a salesman an outdoor retailer of some sort or another. "I'm articulate, accommodating, and artistic," I say, "not to mention flexible, friendly, and foxy!" (I don't mean foxy attractive -- I mean foxy clever and somewhat furry (it is Movermber after all.).) But my resumes have laid idle, my phone unringing. "I've actually been to the outdoors," I say, "like on purpose -- all the time." But apparently so have all the other applicants.

So, a winter of austerity it might well be. Friends, family, significant other...I apologize in advance: my diet shall probably consist largely of pinto beans and rice until further notice. Let's hope my Beano ration holds.


Luke said...

I would guess that perhaps the pedo-stache that comes with early-Movember might be contributing negatively to your efforts at convincing potential employers that you won't be making off-hours 70's pornos in the break room...

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Oh my're right.