Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Day in Pictures....

So few days ago, Krogg harvest pears from tree. Krogg proud of harvest method: shake tree with all caveman might, and pears fall to ground. Then Krogg have dilemma: what Krogg DO with all those pears? Well, now you see. KROGG MAKE GOODIES!!!!

Krogg very proudly make one pie. But pie lots of work. Much rolling sticky dough. So Krogg choose to make cobblers with remaining pears. Krogg deliver pie to Dave -- Dave own pear tree, so he get the fruit of Krogg labor. Then Krogg eat part of one cobbler. Then Krogg drop one cobbler off at Occupy Boise. Krogg curious about Occupy Boise anyway, and besides...those cold campers probably HUNGRY FOR COBBLER! 

Krogg halfway expect to get tear gassed or hit with riot baton, but Occupy Boise very calm and quiet. Krogg have short conversation about Occupy Wall Street, and then offer cobbler. Then Krogg go. Maybe next time, Krogg cook lasagna. 

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Anonymous said...

You are one sweetie Krogg. Pear pies/baked goodies are the bomb! And I cannot even imagine the joy of receiving such a delicious item as an unsuspecting Ocuppy Boiser. Keep on rockin' this world with your goodness.

--Timbah love