Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Krogg spend much time on internet, it true. Often, Krogg spend time good way, like when Krogg write e-mail to friend, or when Krogg write blog post. Last week, Krogg craft proposal to portable HD video camera company. Krogg think: gosh, wouldn't it be cool if Krogg could strap camera all over and take video? Imagine if Krogg could capture "Caveman Eye View!" Other good way to spend time on internet include: coordinate plan for travel with mother, lay out 2012 racing calendar, or write training plan for coaching clients. 

UNFORTUNATELY Krogg also spend time on internet in bad way. Krogg terrible! Like when Krogg get lost on TheOnion.com, or when Krogg decide: watch entire season of The Office on Hulu....AGAIN. Krogg identify very few benefits from this behavior. However, several minor, peripheral benefits exist:

Top 5 Minor Peripheral Benefits That Result from Spending an Inordinate Amount of Time on the Internet

1: I find awesome artwork, like this:

or this:

2: I learn amazing new things, like how much water exists elsewhere in the universe: 

3: I get all caught up on the best new stuff from Manual for Speed, like this:

Or this: 

4: I laugh my ass off at funny videos, like this: 

5: I read Hyperbole and a Half, and she reminds me that I'm not the only one who uses my time poorly, or finds myself awake, doing nothing on internet, in the middle of the night: 


Mary Topping said...

Ah, Sam, you are so incredibly, heart-warmingly, human. As a writer, I can't see anything wrong with time on TheOnion, or on artsy sites. Hoping to see you again, soon.

Sam Johnson said...


Nancy said...

I love the "In the Know" video. The streaming "news" on the bottom is just as hilarious as the main video itself. I appreciate Krogg's time on the internet. I would never find stuff like this myself!!