Monday, March 19, 2012


Krogg spend large amount of time in airports today. Fly back from San Dimas to Boise. LAX bad airport: bad food, no WiFi, expensive candy. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport GREAT airport! Good food (with HOT salsa!), free WiFi, and cheap candy make Krogg HAPPY CAVEMAN! 

In celebration of HAPPY CAVEMAN Krogg post a few video to share:

First, Krogg love NASA. Krogg think about space, and space exploration more than average caveman, and that is why Krogg like this video about why NASA should stay funded. KROGG WANT GO TO MARS!!!!!

Next video called Project Song. Watch Moby write song easier than Caveman smash tree with club! Moby seem like moody little bitch to work with, but Krogg no deny talent. More on NPR music. 

Last video (short one this time) of fourth-grade girl hucking body off ski jump for first time. Girl brave! Braver than Krogg, that for sure! Listen to child overcome extreme fear: 

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Anonymous said...

Just 80 cents a day can help feed a starving astronaut. That's the price of a cup coffee. It's the best thing you can do with three quarters and a nickel.