Thursday, March 15, 2012

Such a Good Life for Such a Good Dog

Betty Boop lived the best kind of life: a long one filled start to finish with bountiful love. She was never without food, nor shelter. She always had sticks to chase, and interesting smells to sniff. She lived in amazingly fun places for a dog -- first on a northern New Mexico ranch, and then on a remote lakeshore in Maine. Most importantly she was loved, and loved well, by so many people -- first (and always) by my family when we got her as a puppy, and then by my grandparents, when they came and stayed with us for a while in Santa Fe. They loved her so much, it quickly became clear: Betty Boop should belong to my grandparents. We still got to visit her regularly, and she never forgot us, but she brought a wonderful spark to the lives of my grandparents, and for that Betty, I'm so thankful. Betty Boop, thanks for being such a good dog to so many people.  

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