Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Total Game Changer

While living in Seattle, I became a huge supporter of the radio station KEXP. For those who don't know, KEXP is the gold standard for community supported radio. Most radio stations suck. KEXP does not. Because they receive most of their funding from listener donations, KEXP is free from the corporate overlords that control most of the radio landscape. The DJ's have excellent taste, a true passion for music, and most importantly -- they play whatever they want. No matter what musical genre is being played, I always like the music (well almost -- Friday night's metal show is a tad much for me). For instance, I normally don't listen to a lot of Rockabilly music, but when I tune into Shake the Shack on KEXP (hosted by Dr. Leon Berman, "the proctologist of Rock'n'roll") I always enjoy myself. KEXP serves as a powerful engine for Seattle's music scene, and provides an unequaled resource for discovering new artists. I adore KEXP, and continue to listen via their live stream.

Radio Boise 
Well the time has come for Boise, Idaho to have a powerhouse community-powered radio station of its own. Enter KRBX, Radio Boise. It's not quite the mature, hallowed institution that KEXP is (yet), but the beginning is there. The potential is there. The community involvement is there, and it's only going go build momentum. I'm so excited to have a radio station that points the the future of the music industry, instead of one that plays the same never-ending loop of poppy-schlocky bullshit that "the major record labels" are trying to sell us. Thank you KRBX, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. 

Nothing points to the blossoming arts and culture scene in Boise better than KRBX, except possibly for the Treefort Music fest, which is coming riiiiight up. Get your tickets, cuz it's going to be good. I mean they're going to have an Alefort. Just look:

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