Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Krogg arrive home last night after particularly good Monday. Krogg start day with eat breakfast alongside father and sister. Have reasonably productive day at work. Go to gym and get ass kicked by skinny girl in aerobics class. Come home. PHEW! KROGG TIRED! Krogg want delicious dinner, but too tired to grab spear and hunt, so Krogg hunt in freezer instead. Krogg burrow to bottom of freezer and find bag of something, unmarked, probably leftover food. Krogg feeling like adventurous caveman and figure -- why not?! Thaw bag, and put mysterious brown liquid in bowl, then throw in microwave until food reach volcano heat. Krogg unsure of flavors used in brown soup food, but figure addition of cheddar cheese probably safe. Take first bite and -- wow! Food great! Green chile used in food. Big yum. Caveman rewarded for playing freezer roulette.

Other news: Krogg truck in repair shop for still-unidentified problems with fire motor. Good thing Krogg able to bike everywhere! 

Krogg suggest you take lesson from the Motherfucking Pterodactyl (sightly NSFW). 


Martin Criminale said...

Fire motor? Mother Fucking Pterodactyl? Hahahahaha... I really enjoyed this post.

Celeste said...

When are you going to get your scuurd caveman ass to my class and let me kick it??? I'll make sure class is comped for ya. (Tuesdays 8PM, Thursday 8:15PM, so most likely will not be the only y chromosome there...)

Sam Johnson said...

I WANNA COME! This week no good. Next week YES!