Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

Results from yesterday are here. Team Exergy's Morgan Schmitt finished 4th, and Matt Cooke 5th. Personally, I landed the 31st spot. Here's what I think about that:
Thanks Veloimages for the shot. 

Last year we would have been thrilled with 4th and 5th. But that was before and this is now.
Before we had nothing to prove, a first year pro team at its first big race. 
Now we're wanted men with bounties on our heads, and a Cali invitation to honor. 

Last year I would have been satisfied with 31st. But that was before and this is now. 
Before I would have been happy to have beat so-and-so, or to have paced myself well. 
Now I'm frustrated that I'm far so far down in GC that I don't apply much pressure to the yellow jersey when I go up the road. 

Today we race in the rain, which I love. Things get hectic and confusing, and at times, scary. I'd prefer it to be a little colder, so that as the race progresses, the smaller among us, those whose bodies contain less thermal mass than mine (read: most everybody in the peloton), begin to suffer and shut down and ultimately grind to a halt. But I'll take what I can get. 54° with heavy rain ain't exactly a walk in the park. Today, should the predicted 2-inch deluge actually materialize, this race shall get crazy. And oh -- I like crazy. 

-nice giant


Mary Topping said...

Especially in these conditions, the race is far from over. Go great Sam, bring Matt into yellow!

Sam Johnson said...

How about bringing Morgan some Yellow? Would that be ok?

veryrustybrown said...

Fantastic result! Now keep up the pressure; deguello!