Tuesday, April 8, 2008


These things, among others, have occupied my thoughts for the last two weeks:

That cow. I still think about that cow. It probably strangled itself only a few hours before I saw it -- who knows how long its neck was stuck in the fence. I got close to it and could smell its leaking rumen.

I bet those guys in the military convoy were really cold. I also bet they were pretty unimpressed by my swerving around the road while taking pictures of them during the blizzard.

WARNING: There is a donut shop right near where Alan lives called Mighty O Donuts. They are organic and contain no hydrogenated oils, which makes them ALMOST healthy. From 4-5PM, these delicious confections are on sale HALF OFF. Complications may include: eating too many donuts, not saving donuts for tomorrow's breakfast like you planned, eating your friend's donuts even though he gave you money to buy him some, and getting lost in the Tanglewood neighborhood while distractedly eating donuts on the walk home. Use with caution.

I'm glad with how things went during that stage race, but MAN did we get our asses handed to us in that crit. It was awful -- a true nightmare scenario: the two guys we wanted to keep the closest eye on escape from the field and, despite our best attempts, nearly lap us! The course was really hard, and I never got the hang of the corners. Not only that it was wet, grimy and cold. We all got filthy, and our bikes took forever to clean. Bitch bitch bitch. Moan Moan Moan.

Cleaning your bike in cowboy boots is a really good idea--your feet stay dry.

The quiche I just pulled out of the oven...what went wrong? Yes, I could have followed the recipe closer, but I didn't want to use all that half and half, plus I like the taste of whole wheat flour more. Was I just too impatient in cutting it? Yes, I think it needed more time to set. Should I have opted for more matrix and less particulate? I hope the pie tastes good -- even though I already know the apples are undercooked compared to the pears (how I don't know).


Anonymous said...

I feel like a Glider Bison would ride either one of these:

or these:

Ahh, amazing!

Anonymous said...

Or, one of these!

Gliderbison said...

Actually, I prefer the couch bike...where else can I go straight from training to napping without getting up?