Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh How I Love This Life, This Live That I Live.

Ok, to begin with, I got a haircut and trimmed my beard. Please feel free to never take me seriously again.

Oh my goodness it feels good to be back on the road full time. Yes, there are times of less-than-glamorous living, but I honestly adore my lifestyle. Take my lunchtime meal for instance: in involved the following
Yes, that's right: turkey cold cuts, mustard, spinach and water. Nothing else. That's all I had. I was out in Waitsburg reconning the courses for this weekend's Tour of Walla Walla, and I unfortunately left my mobile pantry in Walla Walla, so my normal staples were unavailable. Lunch had to me made.

Step 1: pour mustard on meat.
Step 2: place spinach on mustard (on meat).
Step 3: eat.
Step 4: enjoy the day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you could use a Stallone Cut:

go to "The T.A. Interview"

LAV said...

sam. have i told you lately how HOT you are?