Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well put me in a dress and call me Susan -- it looks like I was wrong. Lance Armstrong decided he is going to race the Tour of the Gila after all. Now don't I look silly for taunting the man. The chances that Lance is a regular down here at are slim, so it's unlikely that he caught wind of my taunt, but just in case, I'd better apologize publicly:

Dear Lance,
I'm sorry that I called you a sissy. You are not actually a sissy, but in fact, the polar opposite of a sissy. Also, I doubt you're afraid of me (and if you are, it's not because of how I pedal a bike). I'm sorry that I made up all that stuff in my last post -- I was only kidding. To be honest, I'm slightly afraid of you; you're not a good guy to piss off, and I know that.

Honestly, I'm also reallyexcited to be in the same race as you; this is something I never thought would happen, so it's kind of hard to believe. In many ways you're the reason I'm here; if you hadn't won the Tour de France seven times, I doubt I would have found bicycle racing in college, devoted my life to cycling, or had dreams about *ahem* kicking your ass in a time trial and dropping you on all the hills (I have crazy dreams, I know!). Anyway, I hope there are no hard feelings, and that you and your Astana guys -- I mean Mellow Johnny's guys take it easy on me.


P.S. we have a pretty sweet home stay, so if you want to come over for dinner, we'll totally cook you and Levi pasta. Not Horner though -- I've seen that guy eat -- no manners at all with that guy.


Tad said...


Tad said...

Go get 'em, Sammy!

Abby said...

You can totally take him.

Jamie Stangeland said...

Thor beat him in the TT at Tour of CA, I expect the same from Krogg.