Saturday, April 4, 2009


While I succeeded in my goal of not getting caught by the guy behind me (Jeremy Vennell), I only did so by the slimmest of margins (full results). He was hot on my heels as we came through the line, and if the race had been 2 miles longer, I think he would have passed me.

My teammate Adrian, on the other hand, went absolutely ape-shit and won the whole thing -- beating Vennell by 8 seconds! I think a BOO-YEAH is in order! The podium was rounded out by another HB rider, one Patrick Stanko who I'm sure you'll remember.

(insert podium picture here)

Tonight: a 50 minute crit around a rectangle

Tomorrow: a really fucking hard 30 mile circuit, complete with a 7 mile, 1200 foot climb. Ouch.

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