Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sure, he may have pulled the previous 80 miles with Chris Horner, (nearly) single-handily shelling half the field and bringing back the breakaway. Sure, we were nowhere near winning the stage, but were assured the same time as the winner (thus eliminating the need, and drastically reducing the point of sprinting our guts out). Sure, I had to dig into the deepest darkest corners of my pain cave in order to do so, but the fact remains -- I beat Lance Armstrong in a race today. That's right: I finished 25th, and Lance was 27th. Now as most of you know, unless you're inside the top ten, finishing ahead of someone in a bunch sprint is pretty much a non-achievement. It's like nearly winning the lottery: sure you beat a bunch of people -- but you didn't win, and winning's the point. 

Except not this time. This time, probably the only time in my life, I beat the big guy -- my lotto ticket was a few numbers closer to winning than his was, and that's good enough for me. Maybe I didn't pass him in the TT, or drop him on a climb, and I doubt Lance will have nightmares about me coming around him in the final kilometer of our race, but nevertheless, I'll take it. So will Lance. 


Mandel said...

glorious, congrats

Brent Broome said...

Sweet. Now I can claim that I've let someone who beat lance armstrong in a race shower in my house.

Seriously, though, good work out there. You're going pretty well this season considering the late start you got... hopefully a sign of great things to come later in the year.

But back to beating Lance, do you think you can repeat on Saturday? Abby, her dad and I are heading down to watch the crit.

Pris said...

Shammy you rock. Your cousins think Krogg is the man of the hour. You amaze us. Keep it up and have fun.